Level Up Your
Storage Game

The legendary shipping container storage fortress, rumbling with potential, is an explosive addition to endless spaces. Erupting with vibrant colour and boasting a cool industrial design, it transforms soulless and dull rooms into energising, ultimate expressions of awesome individuality. The unrivalled choice for an epic but affordable gift, guaranteed to make its owner proud and guests envious!


Spacious interior to accommodate multiple valuables, including snacks, games, controllers, magazines, gold bars!


You no longer need to guard prized possessions! Designed for optimal protection of its contents, featuring an intuitive, smooth twist-lock mechanism with padlock compatibility.


The antidote to our age of sameness! Humans are not robots, but we see an ever-greater presence of identical belongings! The retro storage container offers something distinctive to distinguish and separate from the crowd!

Retro Storage Container
Retro Storage Container
Retro Storage Container
Retro Storage Container
Retro Storage Container
Retro Storage Container
Retro Storage Container
Retro Storage Container
Retro Storage Container

Retro Storage Container

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A sleek metal vault, the colossus of storage choices, the heroic defier of thieves – all of this and more has been and will be said about this fabled container. 

Dimensions: Height 51 CM, Width 41 CM, Depth 38 CM 

Weight 7 KG


Available in nine colours selected for their radiant glory.


Shipping containers are designed to survive wild weather on the high seas, so be in no doubt it will endure unscathed for a long time and look more rugged with age! Our containers are built for battle, so no more sleepless nights about mounting bills for replacing furniture which keeps falling apart.




Bought the container and retro lock for my 14yr old son for Xmas and he loves it, great quality piece of kit well built and looks brilliant
Need to buy myself one now for my man cave

Simon Matthews
Warwick, England

Excellent product and great service

Spoke to them a few times before ordering as had a few questions. They were very helpful and so I placed an order. 

It came very quickly and was exactly as described. Nicely made and a fun addition to the office

Lindfield, England

This is a truly unique piece, couldn't be happier with it. Also prompt shipping with great communication from the seller.

Michael Rowley
Hull, England

Arrived Fast

Columbus, Ohio

Thank you so much 💓

Fahad Bageera
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Very good price, complete package, very cool

Lois Hansen
Fort Worth, Texas